Heineken Light: Does it Taste Like $50m?

HeinekenlightYeah, I know I shouldn't be surprised that a mass-market brewer it putting tons (about 25 tons if they were $1 bills) of money behind launching a new product. But I still marvel at how the mass market will buy beer based on marketing not taste.

Please visit the Heineken Light web site. Since they paid so much, it is the least you could do… I haven't seen this around my parts yet so if anyone has had a chance to taste one of these let us know what you thought in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Heineken Light: Does it Taste Like $50m?

  1. I haven't worked up my courage to try this yet, but on Sunday the bar maid at a local tap room told me that Heine Light was “very popular” (heavy stress on the word VERY). Seems that marketing does work. But the real test is if people will still be drinking it next year.

  2. Heineken Light, I have tried this beer. Its not bad, not as bitter as regular Heineken. It almost seemed like a watered down taste to me. I personally will stick to the original Heineken.

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