St. Patrick's Day Beer Guide

[Editor's note: This was originally published at this time last year. Since we are lazy, we are republishing it now. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments.]

With March 17 coming soon we here at Hail the Ale! have been working hard to come up with our list of beers you should have on St. Patty’s Day. Some of these you’ve probably had before, but some may be new to you. If you can get these on draught then do. Otherwise, most have the draft-cans with the little gaseous (in a good way!) widget that tries to mimic the draught.

  • Guinness – OK, this wasn’t a hard one to come up with but you should be able to find it at any bar and many restaurants. Guinness is a smooth, creamy stout and should be enjoyed not guzzled.
  • Beamish Irish Stout – Beamish has a little kick to it compared to Guinness. It has a stronger taste of chocolate and a roasted flavor. Is it better than Guinness? Depends on your tastes, but do give it a try if you can find it.
  • Murhpy’s Irish Stout and Irish Red – I’m going to cheat and let their web site describe these: Murphy's Irish Stout is smooth and creamy, with a subtle bitterness. Murhpy’s Irish Red is well balanced and full-bodied, with hints of malt and caramel.
  • Rogue Imperial Stout – Didn’t see this American Brew coming, did you? The Imperial Stout is an all out stout. It is hoppy, chocolaty—almost syrupy—and packs a wallop with nearly 12% alcohol by volume. This is my current favorite beer.

As always, be responsible when enjoying these beers. Whatever you do, don’t drink green beer!


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick's Day Beer Guide

  1. Best drink Beamish while you still can. It will soon no longer be exported to the US. (Which is a real shame, because I like it much better than Guinness, myself.)
    I also find Smithwicks to be an excellent session beer.

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