The Turf Man!

This isn't a traditional post as it has nothing to do with
tastings, technology, or reviews.  Yet it is worth posting because I think
I've found our (I use “our” in the collective sense for all beer
drinkers) idol.  He's the Turf Man and his job is to walk the turf and occasionally
have a beer.  I met him on an airplane and he's a really cool and down to
earth kind of guy that I ended up chatting with for hours. 

So why should we idolize him?  Whether you are a golfer, a foot ball
player, or a soccer fool; he keeps your grass from Rapid Blight.  Without
grass there would be no sport and without sport, what's our excuse to
drink?  The Turf Man, who is known to mortals as Gabe, is also quite
knowledgeable about his brews too.  As he should be, he has a master's
degree in grass (for professional reasons he calls it “turf”). 

Next time you're in Phoenix,
Arizona, the Turf Man recommends
dropping by Sun
Devil Liquors
for their excellent selection of brews. 

The next time you are out drinking a cold one on the turf, raise your beer and
hail the Turf Man for keeping it green!


One thought on “The Turf Man!

  1. well put, especially the idolize bit. can i use that? will you write my next annual performance review? can i use you as a professional reference now? does this count as a publication that i can add to my CV?
    seriously, thanks for the kind words and know that it was all my pleasure meeting you and yours.

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