UK Guinness Blogs

The xenophobes at Guinness UK have a blog. My first impression was tarnished by this:


Thanks for your interest in our blog and we are really sorry that we are unable to allow you access. We HAVE to have this sort of gateway page for legal reasons. Firstly, lots of countries have different policies and laws regarding the legal age at which people can view materials to do with alcoholic products and how alcohol brands can and cannot market their goods. For this reason we are legally bound to ask people where they are from (in case it’s a country that doesn't allow alcohol marketing) and how old they are (to ensure they are of legal drinking age). This is the right thing for us to do and that's the reason for having a gateway page in the first place. In terms of which countries can access, there are two answers to this. Obviously Guinness is one great brand that's widely loved in about 150 countries. But the drinkers in those countries are all different so what the various marketing teams get up to differs also. What's on this blog is specifically about our GB plans – hence the focus on those drinkers. Secondly there are legal issues with us making content the GB team have written available to other countries. We are looking at what can be changed but this may take a while so bear with us

WTF? I understand the age requirement (not that I agree with it) but what sort of legal issues will you avoid when all someone has to do is choose one of the UK choices for the location?

Other than that, the blog is a great example of a person writing a corporate blog and not a corporation. Hopefully it will evolve to make entry to us non-UKers easier. Also, I hope they will get their own favicon instead of the default .Net one that came w/their CMS.


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