Super Beer

What beer should you get for the Super Bowl (can I type that…)? I don't know, but my good friend Jason was kind enough to share his thoughts on this with us:

For those residents living outside of the immediate five miles for each team in this year's Super Bowl the game may be a bit of a bore.

So, for this year's game we decided to make the game a little more interesting and bring the flavors of each region represented in this year's big game to our house. We tried to find the best beers distributed in our area and I believe we have found a few solid choices.

Representing the state of Pennsylvania we have from the Pittsburgh Brewing Company its famed Iron City Beer.


We also have the ever tasty Yuengling Beer representing Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.


From the state of Washington we have the excellent selections of Redhook Beer from the Redhook Ale Brewery.


During the game we will be sampling the beers and pairing them with some regional dishes prepared by our friends and guests. Maybe some grilled salmon, Starbucks coffee, or oysters will be hand. Hopefully we'll also see some kielbasa or potato pancakes served up as well.

Whatever food is served we will be determining which beer represents their region the best. Will it be the Iron City Beer representing the Terrible Towel wavers, or The Red Hook Ale representing all of those darn fishermen and loggers in the Northwest? Maybe a little Yuengling, because with a name like that you can't go wrong.

Whichever beer comes out on top I am sure all the beer drinkers will enjoy the selections of ales and beers from the fine states of Washington and Pennsylvania for this year's Super Bowl!


2 thoughts on “Super Beer

  1. You should have Rolling Rock, from Latrobe, PA, about 45minutes outside of Pittsburgh. Yuengling is about 45min outside of Philly. You're right though Yuengling is good stuff, better then Rock.

  2. Sorry was getting my towns confused… I was thinking of Pottstown (45min from Philly, next to Victory Brewery in Downingtown). Pottsville (Yuengling) is 2hrs from Philly.

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