Wine Drinkers 'More Healthy' Than Beer Drinkers?

Mark Fisher writes a nice wine blog for the Dayton Daily News called Uncorked. He sent me an email pointing to his latest post about a British study that looked at the food people bought with their wine purchases compared to beer purchases. The results showed the wine purchases had more healthy food than the beer purchases. Mark invited comment, so I added mine:

I’d like to see the beer purchases separated into “swill” and “real beer” categories. From what I see at the store here in the US, the person buying the case of Bud is more likely to be buying the pork rinds than the person buying the La Fin du Monde. The latter seems to be more on par with your typical wine buyer.

What this really all means is that I spend too much time: a) looking at what people put in their cart; b) trying to draw conclusions based on the quality of someone’s beer purchase.

It looks like this isn't the first time he's tried to rile up his fellow beer columnist. Take a read of Top Ten Reasons Wine is Better than Beer which also contains the beer columnist's Top Ten Reasons Beer is Better than Wine.

Give it a read and post your comments. Note that there is a known problem with the comments there and you may get a message saying something to the effect of 'Invalid input file'. Don't worry though, your comment was accepted and will be in the moderation queue.


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