Heartland Brewery's Eye-Popping Pin-Up Calendar for Beer

UPDATED: I guess I should have noted that this calendar has a suggested retail price of $19.95 but will be available November 23, 2005 through Christmas at $15.95 at all Heartland Breweries and at Spanky’s BBQ. Go to www.heartlandbrewery.com and www.spankysnyc.com for location information.

I didn't make up that title (I do like when PR people do my job for me ;-), but it is a good description of Heartland Brewery's new calendar. This is a cool idea. The calendar highlights the beers they brew with the very attractive women that serve said beers. More info. from the release:

“The idea for the calendar came from the countless compliments our regulars pay to our servers,” said Jon Bloostein, owner of Heartland Brewery, which now numbers five locations in the city. “Many come to Heartland because of the girls who are beautiful, down to earth and very knowledgeable about beer. The women really love their jobs and most have been members of our staff for a very long time.”

Bloostein, who also owns Spanky’s BBQ, the newest member of the Heartland family, will donate 50 percent of all proceeds from the calendar to the Heartland Brewery Foundation. The New York chapters of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Billy Joel’s Charity Begins at Home have been earmarked to receive funds.

So, not only do you get to salivate over beer and women, you are supporting charity! Here's the cover to whet your appetite (click for full size):



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