Off to the Beer Fest!

I'm off to the Orlando Beer Festival. The lineup of brewers and beers this year looks to the be the best I've seen there yet. My strategy will be to only have beers I haven't tried before.

Last year, these were the favorites of the visitors:

1st Place:
Green Mountain Beverage
Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider

2nd Place:
Bud Light
3rd Place:
Hopper's Grille & Brewery-
Wild Berry Lambic

Due to this, one of my goals this year will either to be to convince the crowd that there are better beers to choose or I'll stuff the ballot box.

Technology permitting, I will be posting a photo or two from the fest. Wife permitting (  ), I'll be choosing a Mrs. Hail the Ale! to grace the pages of this blog. This won't be (just) a beatuy contest since the winner will need to: a) have a knowledge of beer and b) not have voted for any of the three beverages above last year…


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