Suntory Bonne Biere

I’m guessing something gets lost in the translation on this:


Is it Champagne? Is it beer? No, it is: Natural water of Japan Quality malt of Champagne Barley Fine aroma hop of Saaz.

Anywhoo, jump on over to and see his review of what he calls the Goddess of Beers.  A teaser:

So as much as it PAINS ME to say it – because it confirms that I cannot resist the awesome power of blatant advertising tricks – this beer tastes…a little like champagne. Sure, it’s not exactly 500ml of Veuve Clicquot in a can, but there is definitely an ever so slightly sweet, white wine-like aftertaste. I say “definitely” but is there actually? Or can I taste champagne simply because my primitive brain automatically sees “champagne” on the can and sends a message to my tongue saying “yeeep yep yep that’s champagne, just relax I’ve done your work for you”.




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