Beer Pong is Hot

BeerpongIt seems that you can't go a day without being exposed to beer pong. Just yesterday, it came up in a post-run conversation. We've covered it on Hail the Ale! before. I hear the new iPod will play beer pong. Today, I'm perusing the Internets and I see that even the New York Times is talking about it.

Looks like corporations have found out about it and are trying to capitalize on it:

This past summer, Anheuser-Busch unveiled a game it calls Bud Pong. The company, which makes Budweiser, is promoting Bud Pong tournaments and providing Bud Pong tables, balls and glasses to distributors in 47 markets, including college towns like Oswego, N.Y., and Clemson, S.C.

You'd think that with all the responsible drinking commercials you see from A-B that this would be hypocritical. Well, they try to explain it this way:

Bud Pong was not intended for underage drinkers because promotions were held in bars, not on campuses. And it does not promote binge drinking, she said, because official rules call for water to be used, not beer. The hope is that those on the sidelines enjoy a Bud.

Uh, yeah. I'm sure they hope that those watching such an exciting event will be the only ones drinking.


One thought on “Beer Pong is Hot

  1. Other beer pong table companies have also sprouted up selling beer pong tables. These companies like Pong A Long [] seem to be targeting the 20-30year old age range sucessfully. But either way you slice it … i still think that binge drinking is inevitable.

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