Boozin' Gear

Kevin at sent us an email to let us know about his site. I checked it out and not only does it have a very nice design, it has some cool beer-related gear. The site describes itself as:

dedicated to providing drinking enthusiasts the merchandise and products featuring their favorite beer, liquor, and malt beverages. A perfect idea for a gift, our beer and liquor products range from t shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats, women’s shirts, koozies, and much more merchandise to come. We encourage people to “wear what you drink”, and provide them one place to find their favorite beer and liquor brands’ merchandise all from one convenient location.

So check it out, just in time for the holidays (they are coming soon, so brace yourself!). I like the Yuengling t-shirt myself.

You can also find a link in the Sites We Like links.


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