Mmmm. Michelada

Here's the short summary in a pretty picture:


That would be a michelada which is a drink we hear is popular in Mexico consisting of beer, lime and salt. Like a bloody mary, there are numerous variations on the recipe with many adding more kick to it with spices. Now, it looks like we are getting a variation of this north of the border:

Now that Americans have become accustomed to sticking lime wedges in their beers, Mexican companies are hoping they will start reaching for cold ones with a spicy kick. Brewers, distributors and a company peddling a pre-made mix are trying to cash in on the michelada–beer served with lime juice, assorted sweet-and-sour spices, chile pepper, ice and a salted rim–which has been a best seller south of the border for decades.

“The michelada isn't new for Mexico, but in the United States it's something special, something they only began to try recently and they like,” said Santiago Clariond, owner of Compania Alimenticia del Norte SA, which makes MicheMix.

Link via: The News Blog


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