Oktoberfest Skirts

C’mon, you know that lederhosen are way to girlie for you manly beer-drinkers so wear a skirt to Oktoberfest instead.

German designers want male drinkers at Oktoberfest in Munich to wear skirts this year. They claim their Oktoberfest Frock is more comfortable than traditional lederhosen.

“With all that beer flowing at the fest you need to make sure your belly is free to take it in,” said Andreas Landinger.

Question: What is the only thing a man in lederhosen can make fun of?
Answer: A man wearing a skirt in the beer garden.

Doreen Anders and Landinger, from Munich, said they were influenced by the Scottish kilt in creating the drinking-dress which comes in 'short' or 'calf' length. There are no tartan designs but the kilt comes in colors that complement the blue-and-white Bavarian flag and other symbols of the Oktoberfest beer festival.

How about ‘sack’ length?

Landinger, who started designing skirts for men a year ago, said: “I think they're going to go down well,” Landinger said. “We've already had a few dozen orders and once one everyone realizes how comfortable they are, I think they'll really catch on.”

Umm, OK… Me, I’ll be sticking to my lederhosen—literally.


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