Utah City Banning Home Brewing

In Utah, it isn’t legal to brew beer. I didn’t know this. Just to make double sure you know this, South Salt Lake is putting a law on their books to make it illegal also. Got that? No brewing in Utah. You can buy all the parts, just don’t actually put them together and start fermenting. Fortunately, it isn’t a problem:

South Salt Lake officials say they merely want to rework their ordinance is to mirror state law.

“It's not something South Salt Lake intends to police,” Carlson, the city attorney, said. “There's no plan to hunt for people who are home-brewing.”

Then why bother? At least the mayor is more sane:

However, Mayor Wes Losser, didn't sound as amiable. “I don't care what people do in their own homes as long as it doesn't spill out into the public,” he said. “But if there were problems related to homebrewing, such as people going blind or a small riot breaking out, we have to think in extremes to cover all the bases.”

Link via: Realbeer.com


2 thoughts on “Utah City Banning Home Brewing

  1. anybody against home brewing is not a patriot to the principles upon which this country was built. research home brewing back to the 18th centuries and find out who was involved. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS. I tip back a utah homebrew in their honor, DAILY!

  2. I live in Australia (another FREE COUNTRY) and I find it crazy that the most developed country in the world has a state with these laws.
    There is a lot worse thing u can do legally than Homebrewing!

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