It's a very important question that Chris and I have been discussing at
some length.  What Would Flying Spaghetti Monster Drink?  At
first Chris thought it would be wine.  Wine, what is he a
Gotti?  Flying Spaghetti Monster drinks beer damn it! 

We have scientific evidence that says FSM uses his noodly appendage for
consumption, but the question remains what kind of yeasty, malty, hoppy

Our thoughts on the matter:
1.  Peroni or Moretti since they are Italian like pasta.
2.  AleSmith IPA (previously Irie Pirate Beer) for Pastafarianism.
3.  Gaslight Pirate Pale Ale, Mad Crab Pirates Pilsner, Rock
Botton Pirate Pilsner in memory of all the pirates who died due to
global warming.
4.  Brewery Midget Malt Stout in honor of the “midgit” he created.

If you have your own ideas, feel free to drop us a line.  And if
you are out of touch with FSM, here's a link to the discovery of FSMBoingBoing has also been kind enough to provide extensive coverage with almost daily updates!


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