Stupid Beer News

Beer sometimes makes people do stupid things. Also, stupid people do things that are stupid and involve beer.  For example:

POCATELLO, Idaho –A 420-pound man was charged with felony robbery, accused of stealing beer from the same store he stole from in January, authorities said.

Levi Timbana, 23, of Fort Hall was accused of walking into the Cowboy Oil store Aug. 9 and taking a swing at a clerk who refused to sell him beer after hours. Prosecutors say the clerk held Timbana at bay with a metal pipe until police arrived; Timbana's companion allegedly fled with two cases of beer.

Police said Timbana punched a different clerk at the store during a January beer heist. He spent 43 days in jail in that case.

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Ugly womanA Benton County [Tennessee] teacher has been suspended after police charged her with allowing three teenagers to drink alcohol in her presence, Benton County School Superintendent Randall Robertson said Wednesday.

 “An investigation was conducted and it was learned that she went to a convenience store in Benton County and purchased two six packs of Smirnoff beer and allowed them to consume it in her vehicle on the way back to her house,” he said.

Link via: The Jackson Sun

Please boys and girls, don’t do stupid things with or for beer.


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