Beer News in the WSJ

Yes, that WSJ—the Wall Street Journal. Reporter Ken Wells has written a couple nice pieces on our favorite libation recently. A couple weeks ago, he wrote about The Lager Challenge:

Lagers are easy to drink and easy to find, and, believe it or not, there's a froth of controversy about them (but more about that later). So I decided to organize a lager tasting, in part to answer a burning question I've long had: Could a group of beer drinkers of average sophistication, met with a blind tasting, really tell the difference between different kinds of lagers — the mass-produced U.S. brands such as Budweiser and Miller, the European lager brands including Heineken and Beck's, and the lagers made by a new wave of smaller U.S. brewers? And which would they prefer?

So, what was the answer? You’ll have to read it to find out. Don’t worry, it is a free article.

Today, he writes about bottled versus canned beer in Can It:

Can the lowly beer can and high-style craft beer coexist?

The mere juxtaposition of the two is an oxymoron to some and heresy to others. Yet after years of resistance, if not outright disdain, a growing number of small U.S. brewers are braving beer snobs' barbs and putting their beer in aluminum. To find out whether tasty beer can come from a pedestrian can, we held a blind tasting — and found an interesting answer.

Again, you’ll have to read for the answer.

I guess I’d fall in the beer snob category and will choose a bottle over a can any day with a few exceptions—the beach and boating just feel like they were made for canned beer. The last canned beer I had that wasn’t by choice was a tall boy Yuengling. I typically don’t even get Yuengling in a bottle since I think it tastes dramatically better on tap, however this canned version did surprise me and served it’s purpose (you shouldn’t ride a bike with bottled beer).

I’m enjoying these WSJ articles, but my only complaint is that they use regular photos instead of the cool illustrations like the dead tree version of the Journal.


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