A Replacement for Pitchers

Today, due to the resounding failure of trying to use AdBrite for the
ads on the right column of this blog, I switched back to using AdSense.
So that the ads aren't annoying I cut them down to two ads in the right
column and one at the end of each article when viewing only an article.

Anywhoo…I saw an ad for Drink Tower and was intrigued so I went to the site and here's what I saw:

No, it isn't a really cool water bong
but a replacement for the standard beer pitcher. I supposed you could
put other liquids in it, but come on.

My main concern when I saw this was that since it holds more beer at
once, it would get warmer than pitchers. According to their FAQ, this
isn't a problem since the top is sealed and evil, warm air can't get to
your cool, tasty brew.

Has anyone been to a bar where they have these? If so, let us know in the comments.


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