Man Shot over Spilt Beer

According to NY Newsday:

Bernard Marti, who is assigned to Harlem's 25th Precinct, was drinking in Cordato's Deli and Bar at 94 1/2 Greenwich St. at 10:30 p.m. Friday when a man knocked over Marti's beer, police sources said.

That man voluntarily bought Marti a new beer but intentionally knocked it over again, spilling it all over Marti's clothes, the sources said.

Marti took out his gun and showed it to the man, who swatted it away. The gun discharged and one round went into the man's left thigh, police said.

The guy who got shot was either stupid, brave, drunk, of some combination of these. First, he has the cojones to taunt the guy by bringing him a beer and intentionall spilling it. Then, when confronted with a gun, he swats it away. Not that he deserves getting shot but he definitely didn’t help the situation.



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