Beer Review – PranQster

I was bored of my usuall beer the other night so I grabbed the beer list looking for something that would be naughty or nice.  I found something, called North Coast Brewing Company PranQster – Belgian Style Ale

It's a good beer.  It's not a belgian ale by far, but as a substitute I would recommend it.  When it came to the table, it had the largest head I have ever seen on a belgian.  Ok that sounds wrong, but belgian ales aren't usally as carbonated as this belgian style ale is.  The body is medium with a good fruity taste for the palate.  I would describe the beer further, but after several of these, the 6.9% alcohol content hits you.   

If you're looking for something a little different, grab a PranQster.  It's similiar to a Blue Moon, but with more carbonation. 

As for price, I paid $6 per glass. 


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