Beer Review – Dos Equis Amber

Since it was Cinco De Mayo, I thought I would review one of Chris's recommendations to give you a different perspective. 


The only thing amber about this beer is the color and the slight hint of caramel as it goes down.  Here's the experience.  Looks good, smell – hmmm – no overtones of anything, smells like a Budweiser.  Taste is light, with a hint of caramel but you would never know it unless you are looking for it.  Aftertaste is strangely related to the aftertaste of a budweiser.  It's nasty to the point where I have to take another sip. 

I repeat this process and determine that this beer isn't getting any better.  It's kind of like nickle beer, the more you drink of it, the nastier it gets until you are drunk.  It is a Mexican beer so I didn't expect much, but sad to say I would prefer a beer with lime in it over this one. 

Like most Mexican beer, pair it with your typical Mexican foods. 


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