Odd Beer Movie at the Tribeca Film Festival

If anyone is in the NYC area, check this out: 

On Monday April 25th at 10:00 p.m., the Tribeca Film Festival will host the World Premiere of “The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat and Beers” at Tribeca Cinemas Theater 1 located at 54 Varick Street in Manhattan.

The testosterone and beer-filled 90-minute feature documentary brings us into the bizarre world of the Outdoorsmen, an annual all-day event in the secluded woodlands of Washington State that combines physical competition with high-speed beer chugging.

“Most of the year, these men are your everyday co-workers, husbands and dads, but for one weekend, they just go nuts,” said Nicholas Kalikow, the film's Executive Producer. “Scott did a great job capturing the madness, humor, camaraderie and determination that goes into this completely unique competition.”

They always say they are your everyday whatevers when describing people doing weird crap.

Teams like Diesel 'N' Dust and The Libertarians compete in challenges with names like “Death Race 3000,” “The Iron Man” and “Blind Man's Beer,” the latter of which is described as follows: “2 men blindfolded, 4 beers, big circle, find 'em, drink 'em.” When they are not competitively chugging beers, they do a lot of tossing — logs, tires, rocks and perhaps most disturbingly — hatchets.

Sounds like fun! Check out more at http://www.bloodsweatandbeersmovie.com/


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