Fun Facts About Hail the Ale!

It occurred to us that we know so much about you—what browser you
use, what operating system you run, what search engine and query you
used to find us, what you did last summer, etc.—that we
should share some fun facts about Hail the Ale!

Did You Know…

  • you can subscribe to this blog using the little XML link at the top
    right of the page? Or, that you can use the Bloglines link if you use
    Bloglines as your feed reader?
  • … you can subscribe to receive email updates when articles are posted using the link at the top right of the page?
  • … you can comment on any of the articles we post?
  • … you can comment anonymously if you want?

  • that if you do log in to comment, you can then subscribe to the
    comments thread to receive email updates when other comments are added?
    Cool, huh?
  • … we are always looking for free beer samples of hard to find or unique beers?
  • … that if you are a beermaker or distributor, we’d like to interview you for an article here?
  • … that if you see a product or service advertised on this site, you should click through to support us and our advertisers?
  • … you can email us at with any beer-related information?
  • … the image of the chickens on the beer cans is one of the most referenced images from our site?
  • … there are a bunch of good beer sites that we list at the right side of the page? Check them out.



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