OK People, We Have Work to Do

As we've noted previously here at Hail the Ale!, beer is losing market
share to wine and spirits. Here's the latest news on this:

Beer consumption grew a mere 0.7 percent last year
while spirit and wine consumption swelled 4.1 percent and 3.4 percent
respectively, according to preliminary numbers from Adams Beverage

And 2005 isn't looking much better. Anheuser-Busch warned
last week that it's first quarter earnings will come in below
expectations, and that domestic beer sales dropped 2.7 percent during
the quarter. Analysts say the biggest problem won't change anytime

“Beer has lost its clout and that partly just has to do with
demographics,” said Michael Bellas of the research firm Beverage
Marketing Corporation.

In addition to losing buzz with the trendy,
young cocktail crowd, full calorie beer fell behind during the low carb

Let's get to work and drink more beer!

Actually, I don't think the problem lies with the readers of this fine
blog who I consider beer enthusiasts, not beer drinkers. The problem
with beer drinkers is that they don't drink a beer to enjoy a beer and
see other alcoholic beverages as substitutes for beer. This hurts what
most articles refer to as “domestic” beers from the big brewers. I
would hazard to guess that the domestic microbrewers and craft brewers
are not seeing the same numbers decline and may be seeing an increase
due to the “trendy, young cocktail” crowd trying fine beers. However,
to take a phrase from Alton Brown: that's another show.


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