Beer Tasting: Sam Adams White Ale

OK, this
is a first: Sam Adams White Ale is so bad I couldn't finish my standard
two bottles I drink for tastings. How bad is it? Well, I think Alan at A Good Beer Blog was half right when he said: “Sam Adams White Beer is not so bad that it is foul – it is bad because it barely resembles a witte.”

To me, it was foul like I got hold of a bad brew. I think I've ruled
that out since this is the second time I've had this beer in about
three months and it was foul both times. Also, as Alan noted, this
doesn't have the fruity, spicy characteristics of a white ale, or witbier.

I had high hopes for this beer since I like just about every other Sam
Adams beer (you can keep the Cherry Wheat, thankyouverymuch). My
advice: don't waste your money.


2 thoughts on “Beer Tasting: Sam Adams White Ale

  1. I enjoy this beer, I am a big Belgium White fan. This does not have the fruity characteristics but does have the spicy-ness. Reminds me of a Holy Moses White Ale but spicier. If you like White Ales ignore this review and give it a shot yourself. The reviewers appear to be expecting something and judging the beer based on the expectations they had. Thou this reviewer didnt give one opinion other then “bad”, not a very good review at all, wont be back to your blog.

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