Molson Kicks It

Molson Canada announced it is coming out with a beer with caffeine and guarana (hmm, that sounds familiar eh?) called Kick. Hey, at least they didn't call it M-C or M to the C.

I guess this makes it official: energy beer is now a category. Look for
the other major brewers (I think there are at least two more after the
recent consolidations) to follow suit and compete to come up with the
energy beer that tastes the least like fermented cat feces.


One thought on “Molson Kicks It

  1. I just drank molson kicks for the first time last nite, and i can easily say it is one the best beers i have ever tasted. Secondly for all you pussy americans out there that think u can drink, give me a fuckin break, american beer is like drinking a fuckin womans cooler with %50 more water than usual just give up americans have weak beer admit it

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