Are Low Carb Beers the New Fad Beverage?

It seems like every major beer company is putting out a low carb beer:
Coors with Aspen Edge; A-B with Michelob Ultra; Heineken with Premium
Light. While they are low on carbs, most suffer on flavor. For the bulk
of Americans the taste of beer isn't as important as the latest fad in
diets and/or drinks. New research suggests that the beer isn't as fattening as the beer lifestyle but consumers are quicker to change their beer of choice than they are to change their lifestyle.

These low carb beers remind me of the malted beverage fad drinks of the past few years. Those were bascially a flop with the marketing dollars used to push them outpacing the revenue gained from them.
Unlike the malted beverages that required changes in the brewing
process, low carb beers so brewers may actually make money on them.

I think we'll see the low carb beer trend continue until either the low
carb trend dies or is debunked or when the beer giants see more dollar
signs in another niche market segment.


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