Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione in Forbes

Forbes has an article about Dogfish Head titled Chateu Dogfish
which poses the question “How does Sam Calagione get $9 for a bottle of
beer?”. The short answer is a combination of a damn fine beer and Sam
himself. Be sure to read the article for the history and future of

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam in May, 2004 at Jax in downtown
Orlando. The Orlando distributor of Dogfish Head was taking him to the
retail location (Big C Liqours) and the top bar location (Jax downtown)
Dogfish Head sales on what could only be described as a Dogfish
whirlwind tour. OK, maybe it was more like a visit, but I was
happy to
meet the brewer of some of the finest beers going.

Midas Touch Magic Elixir
had just come out and Sam offered to buy my wife and I a couple of
them. I'm not one to pass up free beer, especially when the guy who
makes it is buying. Like the other Dogfish Heads I had tried, this one
didn't dissapoint. It was very smooth for a 9% beer and wasn't too


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