The Beer Machine

Unfortunately, it isn’t like a time machine crossed with beer. According to the press release:

What is the beer machine? The Beer is simply the easiest, hassle-free, foolproof way to make high quality great tasting beers anywhere.

Which begs the question: Does it rock or does it suck? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the latter. The first sign is that statement combined with these:

Making beers that is so cheap that it only cost 25 cents per glass. The Beer Machine eliminates brewing odors, and the need to prepare ingredients. There are no secondary processes.

But what’s really going on inside the Beer Machine? When it is added water and beer mix of choice and the Beer Machine is sealed, fermentation begins. For the next three to five days, depending on the beer, particular experience and/or patience, the beer will ferment at room temperature. Some time between that three and five-day period, The Beer Machine is moved into the fridge. For the next four or five days the beer will clarify and absorb the natural carbonation produced during fermentation. It is a simple, easy and hassle-free way to make beer, just add water with the beer mix.

So the whole brewing process in one container? Sounds a little fishy. Then, there’s the web site. They couldn’t even spring for their own domain name, and I hope the person who created it was drunk at the time.


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