Idiot Nearly Kills Himself With Powered Beer Bong

A man in Perth, Australia nearly died after having his stomach ripped open after using a beer bong powered by a motor. OK, any use of a beer bong (or funnel) is a bad idea. Putting a motor on it to force beer into your stomach is a worse idea. Actually using it is moronic.

For those that may be tempted to try something like this—or anything else sufficiently stupid with beer or alcohol—here are the highlights of the injuries and treatment this guy had to endure:

“soon after I drank from it. I started spewing up red stuff and was in a lot of pain.”

 The man underwent urgent surgery to repair a 10cm tear and was then on life support for a week.

Surgeon David Cooke said the split in the wall of the man's stomach had pushed food and beer into his abdominal cavity, making him septic. His insides had to be “washed out” twice and he was put on heavy-duty antibiotics.

What is it with Australians and beer stupidity this week?


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