B to the E – Not for Me

It doesn’t even hit the streets until later this month, but the buzz (get it?) around Budweiser’s B-E (or “B to the E” as their marketing peeps prefer or B^E if you are lazy) is not positive.

  • Adfreak says: Is this Bud really wiser?
  • The New York Times says: “Various people who tasted it at my request noted NyQuil in B(E)'s bouquet and hints of white zinfandel and cherry cola on the tongue”
  • The Washington Post says: “Obviously, this is a monumental cultural milestone and it raises important questions that we as a society must answer. For instance: Is adding America's favorite stimulant to America's favorite alcoholic beverage the greatest scientific breakthrough of the 21st century? Or the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it? Or what?”
  • Glorfindel of Gondolin says: “Beer is like coffee. The more extra stuff you put into it, the bigger the risk that you'll just mess it up.”

and on, and on, and…well, you get the idea. Oh, and for you geeks out there B^E = 1596165EF2A89 or 379749833583241 which suprisingly equals x in the following math problem: The odds of B-E being a success are 1 in x


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