Miller to Budweiser: Select This!

According to this article, SABMiller wants A-B to roll out Bud Select. 

“Bud Select is a clear admission that Anheuser-Busch knows it has real disadvantages with original Bud and Bud Light,” said Bob Mikulay, Miller’s executive vice president for marketing.
“America’s beer drinkers are increasingly turning to Miller Lite, and that’s forced Anheuser-Busch to bring out a new Bud.”

I was suprised that Miller Light sales grew 11.9% last year compared to 1.7% for Bud Light last year. This year may be even worse for Bud Light according to a Morgan Stanley report that peers in to their crystal beer ball and sees Bud Select cannabalizing Bud Light more than hurting Miller Light.


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