Starbucks Suing Star Bock Maker

Got that straight? Starbucks (you may have heard of them; they make
coffee and have a few retail locations scattered around) is suing a
Galveston, TX company that makes a beer called Star Bock. Some analysis from the fine folks at

its face, Starbucks doesn’t appear to have much of a case. “Star” is a
butt-common descriptor, and there are and have been dozens of “Star”
brands before Starbucks came into existence. And, OK, Star Bock is a
little close, but coffee and beer are two different things.

but Starbucks says its making a coffee liqueur soon, and has the
necessary paperwork set in motion to get into the alcohol business.
But, even this is flimsy for a number of reasons. First off, they
haven’t made the damn thing yet. It would be one thing if this had been
on the market for a year or so. Starbucks might be able to say that
they’re in the business of making alcohol, and that “Star Bock”
infringes on their trademark.

I thought is was a law that any product made in Texas have a star in the name or logo.


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