Beer Losing Popularity Among Americans

Beer is still the number one alcoholic beverage here, but wine and liquor are gaining ground. I’m going to blame this one on A-B, SABMiller, and their ad agencies. Their ads are crap and all they do is try to one up each other using ridiculously expensive ad spots that run continually during any televised sporting event. For a majority of Americans this is their exposure to beer and it sucks. In a time when we have so many good domestic micro-brews and imports are easy to get just about anywhere, it is a shame that beer marketing is dominated by mediocre beer.

I’ll also give credit to the liquor and wine makers. They are coming up with new products to entice a market that may not consider themselves “wine drinkers” or “liquor drinkers”. Domestic wines get better each year. Domestic and imported wines, become more affordable which opens up a broader market.

Link via: (ironically) Boozer News


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