Beer Tasting: Grolsch Blonde

Like my last tasting, this one was inspired by a previous post
and a trip to my local ABC (it doesn't have the best selection, but it
is close to home). This time, I pulled a six pack of Grolsch Blonde. I
couldn't find out for certain, but this looks like either an update to,
or the same as, the Grolsch Summer Blonde that was out a couple years

Vital Stats
Price: $6.99/sixer
Bottle size: 12 oz.
Type: Lager
Alcohol content: 5% (could be 4.7%)
Produced by: Grolsch
Imported from: Holland
Web site:

My Thoughts
Wow, this is light! A very small hint of lager taste (no skunk!) and a
bit lemony, the Blonde goes down easy but without much to tempt the
pallete. This isn't a bad beer, but there is nothing to it that makes
me notice I'm drinking a beer. However, it may be nice and refreshing
on a hot, summer day.

You would like this if you like light lagers or the (lack of) flavor of
the new low-carb beers.  I wouldn't recommend pairing this with
food since just about anything you eat will overpower the slight flavor.


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