Guest Beer Review: Kim's Fruity Beers

To make up for my bad Canadian joke the other day, I'm featuring a guest review from Kim,
a Toronton (Torontonian? Damn, this writing stuff is hard!) . Why, you
ask? Well, because she was kind enough to send me an email telling me
how Hail the Ale! was the best damn beer blog ever! (I'm paraphrasing a
bit here). Also, because I am lazy. And finally, because Kim and the
rest of the crew at Tucows I've talked to are all very good people.

So, go check out Kim's review of beers from the C'est What festival.
Yes, I realize the post is a little dated but so what? The beers are
still the same and her thoughts at the time were fresh as the hops on a
spring day in Belgium (or whenever hops are fresh in Belgium).


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