Darts Hit the Big Time but Keep Their Beer-Soaked Roots

Buzz points out
a great article (registration required–bugmenot works well) in the NY Times about the staple of every good pub:
darts. He has a few choice quotes from the article but this is my

To relax before a match, he used to drink 25 bottles of Holsten Pils. When he broke his wrist last year, his physical therapy consisted of lifting a beer bottle to his lips (the therapy worked beautifully, he said

Check out Buzz's post and be sure to read the article from NYT. It is
worth the registration hassle just to see some sweet dart action shots
and to solidify the mental picture you have of professional dart

[Editor's note: It is strange how small of a world it is. I met Buzz briefly a few years ago when ActiveWords
was getting started (which is a very cool product so check it out). I
haven't run in to him since–we live in the same town–but keep running
across him online. I never would have thought back then that I'd be
writing a beer blog and linking to a post about pub darts from a fellow


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