In the Beginning…

… there was beer. Then came a blog about beer: Hail the Ale! This
blog is the product of two guys–Michael and Chris–and their love of beer.

figured the best way to introduce the blog would be to introduce
ourselves. What better way than the cheesy interview format most online
news sites use?

Hail the Ale! (HTA): State your name for the record.
Chris: Uh, Chris.
Michael: Michael

HTA: What qualifies you to write about beer?
Michael: Years and years of drinking it in order to find a good beer, ale, or lager.
Chris: That's like asking the Pope what qualifies him to be catholic?

HTA: What is your favorite beer at the moment?
Chris: Left Hand Imperial Stout. This will be the subject of my first tasting writeup. Are you glistening with excitment yet?
La Fin du Monde.  Translated it means “the end of the
world”.  It really wouldn't matter to me even if it was,
because this beer has a 9% alcohol content. 

HTA: Are there any “bad” beers?
Of course there are poor tasting beers.  Usually it's about
finding the ones that match your taste palette, hence the need for this
Chris: Anything with Milwaukee in the name (I
know I'll catch hell for this), Colders 29, Cave Creek Chili Beer,
Corona, do I need to go on?

HTA: What makes a beer “good”?
It lacks the urine/formaldehyde taste common to bad beers.  If it
is a strong beer, it doesn't just overpower but has a rich flavor. If
it is a high alcohol content beer, the flavor should  work with the
“alcoholy” taste to bring out something in the beer. If it is a
lighter-tasting beer–well, it just shouldn't taste like crap.

It's good if I like the way it tastes.  I'm not a dark beer
drinker, although some body to a beer is good.  If the beer is
citrus flavored it should be natural and not backed with copious
amounts of sugar.  Balance is key with my tastings and I agree
with Chris, urine is bad.

HTA: What are your plans for this blog?
Have an excuse to drink beer, duh!  Seriously, it is so easy to
become trapped in drinking a single beer because there are so many bad
ones.  Having a good coach or two that you identify with taste
wise, may help others explore the world of beers. 
Chris: To finally do something with my beer knowledge. Oh, and to make my parents proud (finally).

OK, enough about us. We plan on posting regularly so check back often. Even better, subscribe to our RSS feed in your favorite feed reader. If you are old-school and don't do RSS but prefer email, you can subscribe to receive email updates. Don't worry, we won't disclose your information to anyone.


One thought on “In the Beginning…

  1. I like beer. More specifically, I like GOOD beer. Thank god, there's finally a website I can go to for advice, reviews and opinions on the many, many beers that are out there. I like the “wheat” beers the most, but I'm always looking to expand my beer palette. Thank you, Hail the Ale!!!

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